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Founded in 2015, Verdicteo  is your trusted specialised partner for translating German and English content into French. As the name suggests, Verdicteo is concerned with all things legal. The last two letters have been added to demonstrate all the creativity required for translating and writing editorial content.

From the heart of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine region, Verdicteo assists individuals with their administrative affairs by offering sworn translation services. Legal translation services are also available to public employees and self-employed professionals such as lawyers, notaires, bailiffs, etc. Companies and associations can count on my clever and elegant way with words to communicate their message while facilitating their legal communication needs.

Benefits of working with

I’m responsive, and I offer personalised support.

You’ll have peace of mind and enjoy working together.

I offer a professional, discrete and confidential service.

I’m reliable and diligent.

I offer excellent skills and quality work in my areas of expertise.

I work to your deadlines and budgets.

I have extensive knowledge of the legal language used in Belgium.

I implement and use terminology consistently.

Sworn translations

Has the administration asked you for a sworn translation?

Has the court instructed you to obtain a sworn translation of the documents for your case?

A sworn translation is a translation, faithful to the original, of an administrative or legal document by a sworn translator who, by signing this translation, certifies the legal validity of their work.

I can translate all your documents from German and English into French while protecting your confidentiality. I’m on the Belgian National Register of Translators and Interpreters. Therefore, I’m bound by their Code of Ethics enshrined in legislation.

What else can I offer? I deliver translations which are impeccably presented and true to the original. Are your documents handwritten? Don’t worry! I’m used to dealing with such documents.

Legal translations

Does your company do business with German or English-speaking partners?

I can translate your legal content from German and English into French, whether it’s the initial contract, the general terms and conditions or the privacy policy.

Are you a lawyer who wants to defend your German or English-speaking client in Belgium’s French-speaking courts?

Legal professionals and translators alike uphold the right word. Your texts form part of a specific legal system, and the high-quality translation that you receive will always reflect the inherent precision required in this system.

I will translate your documents accurately and in strict confidence. My research is detailed and meticulous, and I choose my words carefully.

What else can I offer? I have extensive knowledge of Belgian legal and administrative terminology (DE>FR).

Revision of translations

Do you want to check the quality of a text that’s already been translated

Revision involves the comparative analysis of the original text and the translation. This stage is essential in translation work.

It’s my job to look for any differences in meaning, check that any terms have been used consistently throughout the text and correct any omissions.

Depending on the context and specialisation, I also check any terms and jargon used in my areas of expertise and the grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.

What else can I offer? I’m very observant, so I can spot any stylistic issues, unnecessary repetitions and inconsistencies in terminology a mile off.

Translation of editorial content

My favourite areas are lingerie, jewellery and watches. I translate all sorts of documents from German and English, including digital files or physical documents.

Your carefully crafted pieces, finely chiselled jewels and dazzling finery need to be showcased using words that will captivate your intended audience.

These words should be like music to your audience’s ears. To ensure your message resonates with them, I will tailor my style to your brand, adopting its tastes and translating your message into clear and punchy French.

Your content will impress your new audience while embodying your values and the target culture.

Do you use your own terminology, which has proved its worth over time? I will happily take this on board, make it my own and integrate it into all your communication.

What else can I offer? I’m a detail-orientated and confident wordsmith that will make your target audience pay attention to what you have to say.


Does the thought of missing the slightest mistake in your documents make you break out in a cold sweat?

Would you like a second opinion on your text?

Once you have put pen to paper, I’ll ensure your ideas have the desired effect. You’ll make a better impression regardless of your intended audience if you have flawless copy.

To ensure seamless communication, I will check your text down to the very last detail, including the grammar, spelling, punctuation, typography and, above all, style.

Do you want to use the new spelling? Don’t confuse your readers by mixing the old and the new. I can adapt your text and fine-tune it.

What else can I offer? I adapt my style to your message, audience and objectives for all types of copy and media.

Language services and advice

Would you like your documents translated from French into German or English?

I work exclusively with German and English and translate content into my first language, French. I’m right at home in my areas of expertise.

If you need to translate a text into German or English, I work with other professionals who can provide high-quality texts in these languages.

Do you need documents translated from German or English into French in other fields of expertise?

Are you looking for a translator who works with Dutch or another European language?

Do you want someone to revise a translation or correct your texts in these languages?

Thanks to my network of trusted colleagues, I will help you find the perfect professional who will be able to provide you with the expertise you need in your field and guide you through the process.

About me

I’m Véronique Mercier, a specialist, sworn translator and a graduate of the University of Liège based at the heart of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine region. Discovering other cultures through languages is in my DNA.

My services include translation from German and English into French (my first language), revision of translations and proofreading. I have expertise in the following:

The legal and administrative fields: I translated legal texts published in the Belgian Official Gazette for several years for the Belgian public administration. Therefore, my Belgian legal and administrative language knowledge will give you an edge.

Sworn translation: I translate all kinds of documents and administrative decisions, and Belgian courts and lawyers regularly rely on me for help.

Editorial: I have a certain style, and as an experienced writer, I want to ensure your clients fall under the spell of your desired message. My passion for the right words and beautifully written texts will be your secret weapon.

Member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters

Member of the Diane Network and the UCM Mouvement

Member of the IHK Eupen Chamber of Commerce

Contact me

Do you have any questions? Is there anything else you’d like to know? Would you like a quote? Don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email, and remember to attach your documents, which will remain confidential. I look forward to helping you at the earliest opportunity.

Mail : info@verdicteo.be
Phone : +32 (0)472 12 16 62

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